X-Ray - Colonic Transit

Why use a colonic transit study?

This is an examination used to assess your bowel's motility rate.

Preparing for the test:

There is no preparation needed prior to a colonic transit study.  Follow your normal diet, but no laxatives or colonic wash outs or suppositories may be taken during the 5 days.

What happens?

When you make your appointment at Mokoia Radiology you will be given an envelope with one Sitzmarks® capsule in it. Within the capsule there are 24 radiopaque polyvinyl chloride O-rings which show up on the x-ray film.  On the chosen day, swallow the capsule. The next day is counted as day 1, on day 5 an abdominal x-ray is taken.  Your specialist may request films to be taken on specific days tailored to your condition, otherwise, if the capsule was swallowed at 9.30 am then the x-ray should be taken at 9.30 am on day 5. 

What will happen to the Sitzmarks®?

Over time, according to your own body, the markers will pass through your system causing no ill effects at all.

After the examination

The Radiologist will review the images and provide a written report to your referring doctor.

Please settle your account on the day of the examination.

Please contact Mokoia Radiology for an appointment on 0800 466 564.

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